June 29 and 30 at 14:30 p.m.


The registration period for the entrance exams, re-entries and transfers to Elementary and Professional Dance Education is now open.

ACCESS TEST DATES: 7 and 8 of June of 2021

JUNE 7, 2021:

                      • 15:00 h. 1º PROFESSIONAL TEACHINGS
                      • 17:00 h. 1º ELEMENTARY TEACHINGS

JUNE 8, 2021:

                      • 15:00 h. 2nd to 6th PROFESSIONAL TEACHINGS
                      • 17:00 h. 2nd to 4th ELEMENTARY TEACHINGS


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School of performing arts in Madrid: we train art professionals

Are you passionate about art in all its expressions and would you like to make a profession of it? In Scaena you will find the way to achieve it. At our performing arts school in Madrid We offer you a complete training in performing arts, dramatic art, singing, etc.

We offer our students a study plan aimed at expanding their professional projection. We train actors and actresses, dancers and singers. In short, artists who want to make their profession their passion. 

School of performing arts in Madrid where to make your passion your way of life

In our performing arts school in Madrid we work to offer the possibility of having a professional career to those who feel art in a special way, who are passionate about it and it is part of their being and their way of life.

We bring out the best in each student by offering them all the tools and knowledge necessary to make the most of their potential and develop their skills as an actor, singer or dancer. For this, we have specialized teachers in each subject, all of them recognized in the profession and with a proven professional curriculum.

As a Higher School of Dramatic Art, we offer you the possibility of preparing with us to access the Carmen Roche Dance Conservatory, Official Teachings of Higher Degree in Dramatic Art, as well as other private degrees.

If dedicating yourself to musical theater is your dream, at Scaena you will find a specialized program with which you will learn everything you need to excel in this art: body expression, singing and acting techniques, dance ... reaching the Higher Degree in Dramatic Art.

In our performing arts school we believe that it is important that children get in touch with art as soon as possible. That is why we have introductory courses in some of our disciplines and we offer intensive summer courses in which the little ones can get into the world of performing arts. They can learn Ballet, Funky, Singing, Interpretation or Spanish Dance. They will love it!

If you are looking for a performing arts school in Madrid where true professionals can help you make this passion your profession, Scaena is the perfect place for you. We will teach you everything you need to know to dedicate yourself professionally to the world of art, always promoting teamwork, personal development and the philosophy of effort.

The school is divided into several areas in which you will find the different disciplines that make them up. If your passion is dancing, you can specialize in classical, modern or urban dance.

In our singing classes we will help you educate your voice to become a great singer, also offering you classes aimed at training you as a musical theater actor, the discipline that perfectly combines interpretation and song.

Do not hesitate and take our access tests. You will develop as an artist and you will be able to dedicate yourself to what you always dreamed of.